I am pleased to have my daughter join me as a professional photographer.  Kristen Bishop, MA, LPC has a Masters in Christian Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.  Kristen lives in the Norman/Moore area and is a full time Licensed Professional Counselor for Norman Behavioral Health Group.  Kristen is now also available on weekends for wedding photography, engagement sessions, maternity sessions, and other events or sessions.  We now have the ability to offer 2 professional photographers for the wedding packages.  Kristen has a love for making the “special shots” at weddings, catching that “special moment”, and is available to go with the bride for hair & makeup appointments and the bride’s preparations on her “big day”.  Kristen is also a member of Professional Photographers of America.

True photography can be wall art displayed proudly in a place of honor in your home . Snap shots are good for posting on FaceBook. My goal is to never give my clients a snap shot but to give them memories they will want to pass on to future generations.

I have a passion to share with you. It is photography. It is making memories last forever. It is taking a moment in time and preserving it for others to share. It is making people smile when they see beautiful pictures of themselves and their loved ones.

I have been a "photographer" for as long as I can remember. I have owned almost every kind of camera you can name, from the 110 instamatic, the 126 cameras, the Polaroid Land Camera, and many more. I still remember the "magic cube" flash bulbs and counting to 60 before peeling the backing off the print.
I learned true photography on a Mamiya MSX1000 35mm camera I received as a high school graduation gift. Cameras back then were fully manual. I learned how to use a light meter and how to control exposure and depth of field. This is truly a lost art with the fully automatic digital camers available to everyone now. No real knowledge is needed to take a pretty good snapshot. But...do you want more than a snap shot?

During my college days, I aquired a complete darkroom setup and developed and printed my own prints and enlargements. I took several photography classes in college including Portrait Photography, Studio Lighting, and Commercial Photography. My first paid job was taking pictures of the university band during every football game. Someone in the local community noticed my work and I was hired by the community theater group to photograph the dress rehersal of their production and have 100 8 x 10 mounted prints displayed in the lobby the next evening prior to opening night. I spent the night and next day in my darkroom!

Through the years, I have photographed my kids activities, softball, tennis, cheerleading, band & orchestra, and other events as well as weddings for friends and family members. Over the past several years, I have re-invented my photographic career and now have professional digital camera gear, top of the line flash equipment, a complete studio lighting setup, and the state-of-the-art Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended photo editing software.

I have recently studied "Available Light Photography" and "Studio Lighting Techniques" with Barbara Berry in Fort Worth, Texas. I have completed a full day, "hands-on" wedding shoot with two of the best known and sucessful wedding photographers in the U.S., Jamie Hayes and Marceliano Munoz. I recently attended the Professional Photographers of America "Imaging USA" convention, seminars, and trade show expo in New Orleans, LA. Is it strange that with technology having changed so much since my early days in photography that the basics of light, exposure, and the true art of photography haven't changed? Not to me!

If you want good snap shots, Uncle Billy has a good camera. He doesn't really know how to use it, but the auto feature works pretty good. If you want professional quality pictures and portraits, call me. I will be happy to share my passion with you and your family!